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Empowering designs for those who live life unapologetically.

GIVE LIFE TO A PIECE OF refined jewelry that’s rich in emotion and charged with the wearer’s unique charisma.

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About the designer

Paris-born jewelry artist Victor Benaderette’s experience combines years of international fashion and art-world expertise with an education in gemmology and specialization in diamond evaluation.

His ambition is to create pieces with integrity and emotion that will delight the people who wear them and enchant all those who catch a glimpse.

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Learn everything there is to know about diamonds so you can make an informed choice when buying a precious jewel.

Get to know the 4Cs of diamonds (Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat weight), important qualities that affect the beauty and value of a diamond.

Also learn the differences between natural & lab grown diamonds.

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Ruby Mardi was co-founded by Bena Jewelry's designer Victor Benaderette.

Located in Montreal's Little Italy,
this unique jewelry store showcases the dazzling work of Canada's most talented independent jewelry designers and offer one-of-a-kind alternative engagment rings & precious jewels.

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Our main blog that will inform you about jewelry drops, new gemstone availability for your custom pieces, behind-the-scenes facts, or show you the results of a cool jewelry photo shoot.

This blog is created with passion by Bena Jewelry's owner himself, for those who appreciate artistic photography and love gems as much as he does!


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