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All About


A custom Bena Jewelry journey begins with you, and ends with us

Whether you want to present your beloved with an engagement ring as special as they are, or are looking to add a stand-out statement piece to your own jewelry collection, our team is dedicated to providing a custom service rooted in accessibility, passion and expertise.

We understand that important life moments come with significant emotional and financial investment, and we are available to guide you through each step of the creation process from deciding on a setting to colour choice and diamond/gemstone selection.

Bena Jewelry’s custom options provide a dynamic range of aesthetics that can serve as a base for your own inspiration; we also offer bespoke services should you have a design idea all your own. This ensures each piece that leaves our atelier is a reflection of our dedication and artistry, and of your enduring happiness.

Diamonds are forever

Bena Jewelry founder Victor Benaderette is trained in gemmology with a specialization in diamond evaluation. This means every piece of our jewelry is made using the highest quality stones available at prices and provenance that suit your specifications.

Our peerless global supplier network is at your disposal, and we offer diamonds of all shapes, colors and clarity; Canadian, Forevermark and lab-grown diamonds are also available by request.

To discover our specialized knowledge related to diamonds–from understanding the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat) to learning about certification, the differenc4e in shapes and more– click here.

What a gem!

In addition to our stellar selection of diamonds both clear and colored, Bena Jewelry works with a variety of imported gemstones chosen for their unparalleled allure.

You’ll find sapphire, garnet, tourmaline, zircon, quartz, opal, spinel and other exotic gems here–all available in a range of price and category.

An artist at heart, Victor strives to achieve the most unique and breathtaking arrangement of stones in his designs, and he’s also known to take a “more is more” approach when it comes to the palette and composition of statement pieces.

3D drawing brings beauty to life...

A key aspect of Bena Jewelry’s design development is the use of 3D technology to both conceive of and craft our pieces; here, Victor’s originality as a jewelry-maker with considerable skill in art direction and computer design is revealed.

We consider custom pieces as an extension of our in-house creations, and 3D drawing allows for the incorporation and augmentation of our existing designs while adding considerations from client influence.

We are able to precisely render the volume and size aspects of stones and generate a visual of the piece before its physical making. This process involves stages of client discussion in order to produce jewelry that goes beyond satisfaction.

3D Printing & Custom

Our atelier is devoted to blending time-honoured craft techniques with contemporary ingenuity, and as such Bena Jewelry believes the use of 3D printing to be an essential element in materializing a decadent concept into wearable art.

It enables prototypes to be generated in our atelier for use in metal casting and is the last step before the production of a piece. Interested clients may make an appointment to see the 3D prototype to confirm the specifications of their jewelry as an additionally-priced component of their custom service.

Made with love in Montreal

Bena Jewelry’s atelier collaborates with the finest artisans located in Canada’s most renowned design destination.

Our team focuses on ethical and transparent production, and the calibre of work stands up to pieces from the finest luxury houses in the world.

With mastery over all stages of the jewelry-making process, we are committed to crafting perfect pieces that will bring joy for a lifetime.

Our lasting commitment

Once your custom jewelry design is complete and ready to dazzle the world, we are pleased to present it in a sumptuous box; a beautiful display ideal for marriage proposals that also keeps your precious piece safe and sparkling brightly for years to come.

You will receive jewelry care information relevant to the preservation of your purchase, and our team is delighted to offer after-care services including resizing and free cleaning in our showroom.

Come Meet Us

Visit our showroom

Our team welcomes you to the heart of Montreal’s Little Italy
neighbourhood for private presentations of our collections and for custom consultations.

Need advice? We’re here to help!

Need advice? We’re here to help!
As creatives who possess deep insight into jewelry design and making, we are eager to educate and inspire those who are curious to know more about its technical and creative areas. Here’s a taste of what our talented team can teach you about this luminous universe.

Meet The Designer

Paris-born jewelry artist Victor Benaderette’s experience combines years of international fashion and art-world expertise with an education in gemmology and specialization in diamond evaluation. His ambition is to create pieces with integrity and emotion that will delight the people who wear them and enchant all those who catch a glimpse.

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