Hand-crafted from start to finish in Montreal, Bena Jewelry’s creations are the output of a meticulous team of artisan jewelers under the artistic direction of the brand’s creator, Victor Benaderette. Every precious stone that adorns Bena Jewelry is carefully selected by his attentive eye, and its craftsmanship ensured by the experienced team behind him.

Led by a fascination for gemstone, Victor Benaderette earned his diploma from the Montreal School of Gemmology in 2013, specializing in diamond evaluation. Driven by the ambition to see his artistic vision take shape, he combined 3D computer modeling with jewelry design to create and launch his first collection in 2015.

Born in Paris, the artist draws inspiration from counterculture as well as the electric atmosphere of his cosmopolitan hometown. Assertive and singular, Bena Jewelry's collections are conceived and created as true works of art made from the raw materials of volume and light.


Victor B. - Bena Jewelry