Gemstone Spring 2021

Gemstone Spring 2021

Posted by Victor Benaderette on

Oval Pyrope Garnet Gemstone Bena Jewelry

Oval pyrope garnet

Pear Shape Green Sapphire Bena Jewelry

Pear shape green sapphire

Pear Shape Violet Sapphire Gemstone Bena Jewelry

Pear shape purple sapphire

Oval Shape Purple Pink Sapphire Bena Jewelry

Oval purple pink sapphire

Oval Pink Sapphire Gemstone Bena Jewelry

Oval pink sapphire

Orange Spessartite Garnet Oval Shape Gemstone Bena Jewelry

Oval spessartite garnet

Pear Shape Orange Sapphire Bena Jewelry

Marquise shape orange sapphire

Natural Oval Zircon Gemstone Bena Jewelry

Oval natural golden orange zircon

Oval Peach Zircon Gemstone Bena Jewelry

Oval natural peach zircon

Pear Shape Diaspore Bena Jewerlry

Pear shape diaspore ring

Toi & Moi Oval Ruby and Garnet Ring Bena Jewelry

Toi & Moi ring, oval ruby and spessartite garnet

Amethyst Fancy Shape Bena Jewelry

Cushion amethyst cocktail ring

Photographed by Victor Benaderette

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