Edgy Diamond Ring Bena Jewelry Cast Collection Montreal Made in Canada Fine Jewelry Little Italy Jeweler Handmade in Montreal Fine Jewelry Designer Bena Jewelry Edgy Silver Diamond Ring
Top View of Edgy bena Jewelry Silver ring montreal made in canada diamond fine jewelry minimalist unisexe bold cocktail ring fashion jewelry designer
Side view of bena jewelry cast diamond ring edgy collection montreal jewelry designer handmade in canada unisexe minimalist fine jewlery
Side view of diamond ring edgy collection bena jewelry montreal cast diamond ring unisexe minimalist jewelry designer montreal made in canada fine jewelry
Top view of diamond silver ring bena jewelry edgy fine jewelry designer montreal cast collection made in montreal canada small round diamond silver unisexe jewelry minimalist design montrealk handmade fine jewelry
Side view of bena jewelry montreal edgy silver and dimaond ring edgy fine jewelry collection handmade in montreal canada fine jewelry designer silver diamond fancy ring
Left side of edgy diamond silver ring minimalist fine jewelry unisexe silver and round diamond custom made bold cocktail ring montreal handmade in canada
Bena Jewelry Ring Packaging Custom Made in Montreal for Rings and Earrings Edgy Collection and Other Fine Jewelry Design Made in Montreal Canada
$0.00 USD

Diamond Alp Silver Ring - 0.15 ct

Sold - Please get in touch for custom creation

Unisex Hammered Silver Ring

Description : 

Thickness : 9.30 mm (0.35")

19 Natural Diamonds - G/H - Vs - 0.15 ct total 

Metal : 925 Sterling Silver

Size 7 -Adjustable on Request

One of the Kind

All Jewelry designed and created in Montreal, Canada

Ring Size Chart